Personal Umbrella

The following is a brief description of options available from Security Mutual Insurance Company. In the event of a covered loss, the policy that is in force at the time of the loss applies.

Individuals seeking more than $500,000 of liability insurance

Security Mutual Insurance Company is represented by independent insurance agents throughout New York State.

To obtain a quote or apply for the best program for your specific situation, please contact a licensed agent. To find the agent nearest you, click here.

In New York State just about anybody can be targeted by a lawsuit. If someone is injured in your home or if you cause a serious auto accident, you could be hit with a lawsuit. Personal Umbrella insurance helps lessen the chances of losing the equity in your home, your savings and being put in financial jeopardy. The Security Mutual Personal Umbrella Program opens when your existing policies are exhausted.

Homeowners, auto and watercraft insurance can protect you and your family liability to a point. Personal Umbrella insurance provides protection above the limits of your existing polices. Without a Personal Umbrella policy, anything beyond the liability coverage limits of your insurance comes out of your own pocket.

Security Mutual offers insurance programs that provide additional protection over and above existing personal insurance policies. If you own property and/or have assets that are worth more than the liability limits covered by your basic policies, ask your independent agent about the Security Mutual Personal Umbrella Program.

All submissions are subject to completion of our underwriting process including, but not limited to, review of: a properly signed and completed application, inspection and other underwriting resource material. If there is a conflict between the coverage statements within a proposal and the actual insurance policy, the policy provisions will apply.