Billing FAQ

What kind of Payment plans do you offer?

We offer a variety of payment plans to suit everyone, if you meet the minimum premium requirements for that plan. We also offer an autopay version of each of the plans below.

1Pay (Annual)- no minimum

2Pay (Biannual)- minimum premium $200.

3Pay- minimum premium $100. Monthly payments for the first 3 months

4Pay (Quarterly)- minimum premium $200

6Pay- minimum premium $200. Monthly payment for the first 6 months

9Pay- minimum premium $400. Monthly payment for the first 9 months.

When can I change my payment plan?

We allow plan changes once per term. While it is preferable to make this change before the first installment, we encourage you to call the Billing department to discuss your plan options. Plan changes can be sent to

How can I pay my bill?

Payment by card or check can be mailed in with your bill, call in to our Billing Department, or you can use our self service payment link here on our website. Just be sure to read the payment options to avoid confusion.

Do I have a grace period for payments?

You have a 5 day grace period on normal installment payments. This does not apply to due dates to avoid cancellation.

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