Make a Policy Change

You can mail, fax or email a request to change a policy.

Security Mutual Insurance Company
Main Office (Ithaca)

PO Box 4620
Ithaca, New York 14852-4620


Please type the policy number in the subject line.

Addition or Change of Mortgagee

Please indicate if we should bill the mortgagee or the policyholder. If there are two mortgagees, please indicate which of the two should be billed.

Increase in Coverage

Please provide a current Replacement Cost Estimator. Although we prefer that you use one of our Replacement Cost Estimators, you can submit an estimator of your choice. If you need a Replacement Cost Estimator, click here.

Additional Structure

Please describe the additional building, its use, and send a photo.

Deleting Named Insured

We will be requesting the signature of the person who is being deleted. If the named insured has moved out and still has ownership of the property, we can add the owner as an additional insured.


We cannot process a premium-bearing endorsement on a policy that has an outstanding notice of cancellation for nonpayment of premium until the policy is reinstated.

Suspended Agent

We cannot process a premium-bearing endorsement on a policy if you are a suspended agent.

Billing Changes

For changes from a one-pay mortgagee-billed plan to an installment insured-billed plan, we need a 25% down payment with the policy change request. If this request is made in the first year of the policy, we require 50% down.

Change of Named Insured other than Spouse

Please cancel the policy and submit a new application signed by the new named insured.

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